How it works

The process is simple

Start off by logging in. Logging in via Facebook or LinkedIn is the easiest way, alternatively make an account. If you made an account you will need to validate your email address.

Upload your pictures

Go to My Photos. Upload your pictures from your computer or Facebook/LinkedIn.

Start a test

Go to Tests the Create a Test. Choose the picture you want to test. Choose what industry you are testing for, be it dating, business or social media. Now you can fill in the about me section (optional). Choose who you want to vote on your profile and pick your test type. There are 3 test types, each costing more credits than the last. The more credits you spend the more detailed feedback you will receive.

Need more credits?

You can get credits in 2 ways. You can vote on other people’s profiles. Simply go to Rate Profiles and choose your industry. You can also buy credits by going to My Account and Buy Credits.

Wait for the results

That’s it, sit back and wait for the results.

See your results

To see your results go to Tests, My Tests, then pick the profile you want to see. Notice the number of voters is displayed on each test.


The overview shows the percentages of each category as voted by the entire demographic,


This section shows you the percentage of voters by gender, education level, location and age.

Custom Stats

If you paid for custom stats then you can see the results by different types of voters. Click on each of the links to see what each category of voters thought. Use the advanced section to filter and combine voter type. For example to see what females of ages 20-30 from the UK who are arty thought of your profile just select the relevant boxes.


Go to the comments section to see what voters had to say. All comments are left anonymously so you know you can trust the feedback.