Are You a Freelancer With No Thought to Your Online Profile

write-593333_1280-300x177Did you know that 94% of recruiters used and planned to use social media for their recruitment process? Seeing that the numbers have been showing a steady increase for the past 6 years, it’s safe to say that your career as a freelancer greatly depends on how you present yourself through your online profile.

Here are major reasons why a freelancer like you needs to start improving your online profile on freelancer websites.

It shows people how organized you are.

The moment you post your profile online, it’s easy to see how organized you are by the way you present details about your professional background. Social media in general has somehow made almost everything more casual, and oftentimes, unprofessional. Your online profile is what could set you apart from all this.

It gives a glimpse to your key assets.

When done the right way, your online profile (mainly your about me statement) is the key to letting employers and clients discover what your best assets are. It all depends on what you hope to highlight. Is it the extensive training that you’ve gone through under the most notable influencers in the business? Or is it the amount of work that you’ve done in specific genres that you want to showcase?

It shows how easy (or hard) it is to work with you.

The kind of body language you use on your profile can say a lot about who you are as a person. It can easily show if you’ll be difficult to work with, or if you’ll be easy to handle. This is why you have to be careful about how you highlight your achievements. Say it the wrong way and you might come across as pushy or arrogant. Downplay it too much and you may not get the kind of attention you deserve.

It presents you as a person and not as a piece of paper.

An online profile, especially on freelancer websites, introduces you as a person and not as a mere piece of paper. Yes, it functions as a digital version of your resumé or CV. However, it also takes a more personal approach. You can actually let your personality shine through, which gives people the chance to appreciate you not just because of the numbers you’ve managed to hit in the past, but because of how you work and what your values are.

It’s a great way to show people how you have evolved through time.

Through a frequently updated online profile, you can easily show people how much you have achieved in a given period of time. It’s not just about who you are now – it’s also about how hard you have worked to be right where you are at this moment. And to some people, this is what actually matters the most.

Start improving your profile and make a strong first impression on people viewing it through freelancer websites. Not only will this make more people interested to meet you, they can actually start opening up new and better opportunities for you.

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