WARNING: First Impressions Are Costly

man-540500_1280What factors do you consider when creating your profile on your online dating account?

So many people worry about how a certain angle makes them look thinner, or about how cool their About Me content sounds. When you think about it though, this near obsession about one’s online profile can be justified, knowing that this is the primary basis of other people’s first impression of you.

Everybody knows that once a first impression has been established, it’s going to be hard, if not impossible, to change it.

What Your About Me Content Says About You

When other people look at what’s written on your About Me page, what do they see?

Remember that they have no idea who you are and what kind of person you could be, so their sole basis would be what you tell them and show them. The kind of language you use, the clothes you wear for your picture, the way you smile at the camera – all these give people in the online dating scene a general idea of whether or not you’re really worth their time.

What are you wearing?

The clothes you wear on your profile photo says a lot about you. Women in crisp suits might tell guys that these are girls who are set to conquer the world, while those wearing casual, comfortable clothes could tell any guy that this is one girl they can hang out with. In the same way, a guy who looks sloppy could be seen as someone who’s not going to take any girl too seriously, while a guy who took the time out to at least put a fresh shirt on could be seen as someone who’s willing to impress a girl to win her heart.

What’s your facial expression saying?

Are you looking straight to the camera, telling people that you’re bold and confident, or did you post a stolen shot that makes you seem aloof and uninterested? Are you smiling and showing people your lighter side, or do you have that pensive look that tells people to take you seriously? Be careful about what message you’re trying to send with the picture you use. To you, it may be all about how high your cheekbones appear, but to others, it could be the ferocity in your eyes that they’re paying attention to.

What kind of body language did you use?

Did you come across as a bragging and arrogant, or did you present your assets in a way that only shows how justifiably proud you are? Do you seem sophisticated considering your choice of words, or do you sound uneducated and uncouth? Be careful about the kind of language you use on your profile because your language patterns could give people a pretty good idea of what kind of person you really are, regardless of how your picture looks.

The important thing here is understanding what kind of people you want to meet. Remember that no matter how badly you want to meet a decent guy online, if your picture reveals too much or if your description tells them that you’re not the kind of girl they can take seriously, then you’ll always end up with guys who are exact opposites of what you are looking for.

Try using ProfileTester.com that will give you an accurate idea of how your profile appears to others. Remember that what you think about your profile could be different from how others would see it, so it’s always better to get an outside opinion about it.

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