Learn the Art of a Good Selfie

selfie-429449_1280With 47% of adults admitting that they do take selfies, it could make you wonder about this phenomenon and how huge its impact really is. After all, people actually take time not only to perfect the angle that would show off their best features, they also take the time out to make the shots blemish- and fault-free.

Just imagine. Before any of these selfies are shared to the rest of the social media world, 33% erase any trace of blemishes, 16% alter the shape of their face, and 15% adjust their skin tone.

It’s not surprising therefore, if you see people face to face for the first time and wonder why their pictures don’t really look like them.

Of course, the power of the selfie cannot be denied, knowing that it can easily hook a few potential followers with a single share makes it all worth it for those who put so much effort into it.

So how does one take a good selfie? How do you avoid taking bad selfies?

There are a few factors to consider when you’re taking and posting your selfies. Here are the most important:

How You Really Look

Some people enjoy taking selfies too much that they forget about how accurate their pictures actually are. It’s okay to alter your images to highlight the best parts of your face. Adding a slight blush for example, could highlight that twinkle in your eye. Just make sure you don’t go as far as changing everything about you, because that could be misleading and could have some disastrous effects.

How Safe It Is

You have probably seen people taking the most ridiculous selfies while they’re at the edge of a cliff, leaning out from the top of a tower, or driving their car. Sure, you could have taken an awesome shot that people would rave about for days. But if that selfie leads you to death or injury, then it’s definitely a bad selfie.

What’s Around You

A string of funny selfies went viral online before, showing you how important it is to check what’s around you before taking a selfie. Some look all glam and dressed up but fail to remove the trash behind them. Some could also be taking selfies with a bunch of people behind them, giving everybody the chance to do some major photobombing. Take a look at what’s around you because failing to do so could lead to a good shot of you with a bad background. The result? Still a bad selfie.

How the Lighting Is

Sure, you have filters and other settings that would allow you to brighten up a photo in an instant. However, you also have to remember that filters could distort a picture and could make it appear worse instead of better. Because of this, it’s important to check your lighting to make sure that you capture the details you want captured.

A handy tip: everybody looks better under yellowish lighting.

Whether you end up taking a good selfie or a bad one is all up to you. Just make sure you’re fully aware of what’s happening around you as you post that selfie so that you don’t accidentally post a bad selfie without you realizing it right away.

Then find out what others think to master the art of taking good selfies.

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