How important is Your Public image

person-801823_1280-300x218Some people think that just because it’s their personal social media account, they could post anything and everything they want. Especially when it comes to their profile pictures and their own description, they feel that it’s okay to let go.

But what if your face represents a brand, a group, a position, or an image?

This is where the need to be more responsible comes in.

How does your profile picture and your About Me section affect your public image?

They create lasting first impressions.

In today’s fast-paced world, no one lingers to see what else you have to offer beneath the façade. The moment they see you, they decide in a matter of seconds what kind of person you are. If you represent a brand that has been known to have extremely conservative values, would you be caught dead with a profile picture of you drinking an entire bottle of tequila on your own? The public would never know that you don’t really drink, and that it was just an idea for a fun photo op. People wouldn’t waste time to hear your explanation. They will automatically have a negative first impression and think that the brand is represented by people who do not follow the values that they use to influence other people.

You become a human brand.

A brand is just a name. An image. But the moment you start representing a brand as their sales executive, their brand manager, or as any other part of the organization, people can finally add a human face to that brand name, and that face is yours. This is why your profile picture will not only tell people who you are; it will also tell people who the brand is. Show them a fun, creative picture, and the brand will also come across as fun and creative.

They help people decide whether you can be trusted.

There are smiles that appear genuine, and there are smiles that screams ‘fake’ from a mile away. This is one reason why you have to be extremely careful about the image you project through your profile picture. After all, how can anybody trust a person representing a family-oriented company who has a profile picture of him being surrounded by hot girls at a night club?

They show people how fit you are for the job.

Seeing a 30-year old sales representative having an About Me section that is riddled with grammatical errors and teenage slang cannot be taken seriously in the corporate industry. At the same time, a company that organizes parties and other fun events will never hire someone whose description shows a timid and serious person who spends most of their time alone. Your About Me and profile picture tells people whether you are fit for the job or not based on the personality you show.

This is why it is important to assess every single part of your online profiles. Figure out whether your profile fits the image that you want people to see. Especially if you represent a brand, always think about whether your profile aligns with the brand’s values. Otherwise, you do not only affect your own public image – you also affect people’s opinions and perception about the brand.


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