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Put your online profile to the test. 

Upload your picture - Enter your about me statement - Choose what feedback you need - wait for the results!


Have fun earning credits by rating other people's profiles. Spend those credits on your tests.

Finally get conclusive feedback on how to improve your profile picture and about me statement.


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Have you considered how many opportunities your online profile is costing you?


Are you sure that your first impression is positive, do you know if you even stand out?

You are now competing against millions of people online and you have very few tools at your disposal to make that all-important first impression. You are no longer face to face with your client, customer, employer or potential partner. You no longer have body language or charisma or nameless other ways to get someone’s attention. What’s more people’s attention spans are short, really short.


You now have 8 seconds or less to make that first impression.

According to a study from Microsoft Corp, since the mobile revolution in the year 2000... the average attention span has dropped from 12 to 8 seconds. You now have 8 seconds or less to make that first impression before you are moved on and lost amidst the ever-growing online competition. So what do you have, what can you use to your advantage?


You only have your online profile picture and your about me statement to capture attention.

How can you be sure it’s doing you justice? Wouldn’t you want to make sure your picture and statement is the best it can be? Wouldn’t you agree it’s becoming more and more important to get your online first impression exactly right? Can you imagine the amount of increased opportunities your online profile could give you if it stood out from the crowd in a positive and specifically targeted way? And what is that worth? A new job, a job you are passionate about or a new job that pays really well? The man or woman of your dreams, someone you’ve always had trouble attracting? It’s likely these are the things your online profile is costing you if you haven’t done any research into making that all-important first impression.


Here is the only solution...

The solution is research.  There has already been a lot of research on this very topic. Research about what pictures work and what makes a bad impression... about what to say and what not to say. Understanding the conclusions from this research and implementing the advice will drastically improve your online profile and so your chances of success.


At Profile Tester we want to help so we will be giving free advice.

We want you to implement solid proven advice to get the best out of your profile pictures and about me statements. However it takes more than just knowing the advice, you need to execute it correctly. How can you be absolutely sure and completely confident that your online profile is exactly what your target market wants to see? How can you get unbiased feedback and detailed information about which of your pictures are the best ones? How can you test personal statements or sales pitches to ensure you make that all important winning impact? Well the answer is…


You need to put your online profile to the test.

You even need to put multiple online profiles to the test to prove once and for all which comes out on top. This is the service we offer. We can get you that information. We can make sure your online profile is the best it can be for the specific target market you want the attention from.


Undeniable, unbiased, anonymous and detailed statistics from the population you care about.

Most importantly you can limit your feedback to just your target market and filter that information even further. You literally can find out if women aged 20-35 who are degree educated who like sports and art and are from the UK think you're attractive and would want to date you. You can find out if men from western countries aged over 50 think you look competent and experienced and if they would hire you. If you are looking meet new friends online you can see what men and women of different ages think about you and if they would want to meet you.  


Give it a go for free


What People Are Saying
"Don't underestimate the power of a good fist impression. I used Photo Tester to ensure my image and statement stood out from the crowd on freelancer sites. My freelance work has doubled since making these changes. I stand out from the crowd in a positive way now. This simple change has made such a difference to the amount of work I get."
-Joanna Simon
"Thanks to Profile Tester I finally had a LinkedIn profile that got noticed. I tailored my picture and information to be exactly what employers were looking for. I became head hunted by recruiters offering the right type of jobs and today I finally secured the position of my dreams. When your face fits people will give you a chance."
-Bilal Gala
"I used Profile Tester to select the right images for my acting portfolio. The feedback was great especially the anonymous comments which really helped. I whittled my pictures down to just the most effective portraits for my portfolio. I'm getting invited to more auditions than ever before."
-Frank Carter
"Our band needed the right image for our target market. Using Photo Tester's advanced demographics really helped us find out what appealed to our audience. I can't imagine not doing this kind of research now. Knowing our band image is the best it can be really makes us confident. Thanks to our manager for suggesting this site."
-Mike Holdsworth
"I used Photo Tester to choose the right profile for my blog, instagram and flickr account. Social media promotion is a big part of my work and I wanted to make sure my photo and statement made an impact, sending out the right message. Thanks to the statistics I now know my profile is working for me."
-Clarke Allen
"I wanted to be very careful about the message I sent out on my online dating profile. I wanted to choose my best pictures but I didn't want any to cross the line and attract the wrong type of person. Thanks to Photo Tester my about me statement and pictures helped me get more attention from the right type of men and it didn't take long to meet Mr Right."
-Sophie Jordan
"I wasn't sure what pictures attracted the girls I liked and I didn't know what to say. I used the detailed stats from Profile Tester to work out what image attracted girls my own age and what personal statement worked. Since doing this research and changing my profile I get far more Tinder matches and way more replies on OK Qupid. This has improved my dating life a lot."
-James Bradshaw